Wrestlemania 30 Drinking Game

OK… It’s time to play the game… THE DRINKING GAME! (must have¬†18 proof or over to play)


Take a shot every time:


1. Someone says it’s “The Showcase of the Immortals”.


2. An Internet Darling Gets Buried.


3. A Legend who isn’t really a Legend shows up.


4. Hogan says “the Network created the Universe. No, the Universe created the Network. No, you can buy the Universe for 9.99 a month. Oh, why didn’t I study for this, brother???”


5. Batista looks like he needs an oxygen mask.


6. Your friend is ahead of you in guessing the results.


7. There’s a musical act you never asked for.


8. You start talking about how you’ll never watch Raw if Bryan loses.


9. There’s a backstage segment with midcarders playing with wrestling dolls.


10. You can’t resist the urge to think “OMG, this is where Punk is going to show up!!”


11. Your WWE Network stream is buffering.


12. Your illegal video stream is buffering.


And finally, in case you missed it and if you’re still conscious, check out the Wrestlemania 30 Heel Trailer:



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