11 Awesome Movie Posters Featuring Dean Ambrose

With Dean Ambrose “injured” to work on a WWE movie, I thought it made sense to look at all the great movies that can be remade to his image.


To help me, I asked for a lot of input on Twitter and a lot of heels MORE than delivered, with the hashtag #DeanAmbroseMovies. I will thank you in detail before this post is over.


So, without further ado, here are 11 great movies Dean Ambrose should be making millions of dollars off of:


1 – Titty Masters Of The Universe


Are you a fan of 80’s sci-fi? Loved your fix of He-Man cartoons? Well, the promotional poster is out and Dolph Lundgren would be humbled, to say the least:




2 – The Dean Of Wall Street


“The story of a wealthy entrepreneur living the high life to his fall involving crime, corruption and the federal government”, as IMDb put it. Well, it was missing something. But I fixed it.




3 – Mr. Dirty Deeds


According to IMDb, here’s how the original plot went: “a sweet-natured, small-town guy inherits a controlling stake in a media conglomerate and begins to do business his way”.


Take out the sweet-natured. We don’t need it!




4 – Dean Girls


Original Mean Girls stars like Rachel McAdams and Lindsay Lohan would jump at the chance to co-star in this reboot of the 2004 comedy:




5 – Shield Of Dreams


I can definitely see Dean Ambrose hearing ghosts and looking around for said ghost in the middle of a cornfield:




6 – The Full Moxley


Breathe, ladies. Breathe.




7 – Titty Master and Commander


A tale of discovery into foreign, undiscovered, curvy lands. Who better to explore them than:




8 – The Assassination Of Dean Ambrose By The Coward Seth Rollins


Aaawww mah goodness! As fitting heel turn movies go, I envision this motion picture being a barn-burner at the box office:




9 – Requiem For A Dean


When you’re The Lunatic Fringe, a dramatic downturn or two are bound to happen. But hey, at least he’s hooking up with Jennifer Connelly. I wonder… is she up for such a main event push?





10 – The Nopebook


Arguably Nicholas Sparks’s most prominent romantic tale, it would only be elevated further by Mr. Ambrose taking over for Ryan what’s-his-name. And Rachel McAdams gets to work with Dean a second time, all but assuring herself a promising career:




11 – Finding Deano


A sequel that is already in production, this motion picture follows Nemo and Dory and they search for the former member of The Shield.


Unfortunately, Dory’s memory keeps acting up and she keeps looking for Rollins or Reigns:




Finally, a HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who helped me build with the movie ideas, including @Scorsese85 (who thought of 4 of these!), Gareth Armstrong, Bob @BeeOhBeeRT_R, Alex McDonald and @CharlieStrife.


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