WWE Night Of Champions 2014 Drinking Game

Our September PPV is close and hopefully your drinks are too.


Hopefully, you will consider playing this game with water, for your health and, most importantly, to make sure you get to Lesnar vs. Cena fully conscious and fully able to enjoy the massacre.


So, without further ado, take a shot when:


1 – Someone is waving a flag.


2 – Randy Orton slows the match down.


3 – You can hear Sheamus and Cesaro punching and clubbing each other.


4 – You just want to feel drunk enough to see 2 NXT guys in the ring.


5 – Someone skips to the ring.


Still alive? Good. Because there’s more:


6 – They hype who will be Roman Reigns’s replacement.


7 – You think about how your friends always watch the PPVs on an illegal stream… but you never told anyone


8 – Mizdow replicates exactly what Miz is doing.


9 – Brock hits Cena with a German Suplex.


Shall I call for an ambulance?


If you remember any more good ones, let me know in the comments!


Thank you to César Ferreira for #5. If that’s the one that puts you over the top, he’s the one paying for your stomach pump.


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