10 Smart Things To Do At Hell In A Cell

Directly from my armchair, here are 10 things that I believe would help Hell In A Cell be not only memorable, but a step in the right direction for the long term:


1 – Keep Teasing Orton’s Babyface Turn


We’re getting whiffs of it and it feels right. A slow build is definitely what’s warranted but the ball needs to keep rolling.


Maybe have him act a tad rebellious toward The Authority, remind them who Randy Orton is in a backstage Authority huddle.


Whatever you do, keep this going.


2 – Put The US Title On Miz


The Miz has one of the few cohesive acts in WWE right now. And I can’t put Mizdow over enough. Their act is a testament to both men’s ability and the creatives behind it.


On the other hand, if you told me a while back that Sheamus would be in this midcard, stale position, I would tell you to stop playing them drinking games.


WWE definitely halted the Irishman’s progression. And, with Miz’s moving up, it feels right to put the United States Championship on the guy that’s on the rise.


3 – Provide Some Explanation For Lesnar’s Absence


Sometimes, WWE explains the living sh** out of irrelevant little things. While saying nothing about the big, relevant ones.


This is a big one. The World Champion’s absence is anything but a plus to the shows, mainly the PPVs.


But if you put a storyline reason behind it, it can be turned into an asset or, at the very least, become a mitigated liability.


We actually get into that in episode 2 of the Heelbook Podcast at about 41:25, thanks to Matt Rothenberg’s question about this very topic.





4 – Let Rusev Beat The Man Of 1,004 Turns


By the same token, Big Show has nothing to gain from winning this feud. The winners here will be Rusev, Lana and possibly Mark Henry, should this be the point of his heel turn.


Rusev should and in all likelyhood will continue his path of destruction through WWE’s upper midcard until such a time comes where he is the one putting someone over (Wrestlemania?).


Fast-forward a few months: tag team with Hornswoggle.


5 – Ambrose vs. Rollins Is The Main Event


I couldn’t be more curious about this one. Who is closing HIAC on Sunday?


While Cena and Orton are the perennial headliners, their match lacks all the things that the Ambrose vs. Rollins has in buckets: personal issues, history, backstory… without the 12-year process of repetition.


Even though Cena and Orton have great chemistry and put together matches that are above reproach, Ambrose and Rollins should be able to be a notch above, as they also have great chemistry but have built a long-lasting feud out of an intense desire for revenge and ending the other man’s career.


Cena and Orton? Well, on this one, they’re holding the card together with their name recognition and a contrived No. 1 contender’s match.


Give the main event one to the young bucks. No, not Matt and Nick.


6 – Have The Dust Brothers Retain


Cody and Goldust seem genetically incappable of having a bad match and look like the right team moving forward to build new feuds in the potential-filled yet poorly-booked tag team division.


They deliver on the mic, in the ring and everywhere in between. The Usos also deliver, but not to the exact same level as the holders of World Cosmic Key Championships.


And, if nothing else, it’s way too soon for them to lose and for The Usos to retain. Retain? Regain.




7 – Give Ziggler & Cesaro 15 Minutes To Open


This screams awesome opener to me. While Ziggler seems like the likely winner, my main concern for this match is: just let these guys go at it.


They have the ability, the chemistry and the creativity. So the winner? The pro wrestling fan.


And for JBL’s sake, find someone other than your Intercontinental Champion to job to the big boys.


8 – Wrap Up The AJ & Paige Feud


This feud has had some very interesting moments, especially the first title changes, which came off each diva’s unexpected debut or return.


But, with the increasingly-crazy frenemies thing becoming a bit repetitive and WWE not putting as much emphasis on the feud, it’s time.


Make it the best match of your feud and have both move on to other feuds. I’ll be sitting here waiting for AJ vs. Stephanie.


9 – While You’re At It… End The Bellas’ Storyline


You know what? I mean. It’s time. You know what? It’s time.


10 – Give Ambrose The Win


After several months of Rollins getting the upper hand in matches that were stalemates until corporate interference ensued, the time has come for The Dean to get the 1-2-3.


And not only because of the feud’s overall balance.


Ambrose is on a solid rise to the main event in that organic, no-force-feeding-necessary way that doesn’t come around that often. When this happens, you do nothing to jeopardize that. NOTHING.


Giving losses or overbooked wins to crowd favourite midcarders with organic pushes is the ultimate disservice to professional wrestling.


In the last 2 weeks of Raw, Ambrose has beaten Cena in a heelish, unclean, overbooked way, that did nothing for him. Then, he came out with objects and Seth Dollins for a somewhat cringing promo. Saved by Mick Foley.


These 2 things felt like the first two WWE nails in his coffin, courtesy of the – as usual – out-of-touch Stamford brass.


So, hopefully, I’m not only wrong, but we all get to see Ambrose cement his position. In a great match against Rollins.


In the main event.



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