Hell In A Cell 2014 – Drinking Game

OK. Let’s try not getting hammered playing this, alright?


Oh, who am I kidding, we’ll be unconscious by the third minute. Of the pre-show.


Look, just play this with ginger ale.


Take a shot when:


1 – The Cell is described as “Ominous”


2 – Sandow mimicks The Miz


3 – A Diva screams


4 – They mention Cena & Orton’s “historic” feud


5 – You miss one of your predictions


6 – Lana’s legs.


7 – Dean Ambrose is referred to as “Unstable” or “The Lunatic Fringe”


8 – Nikki vs. Brie is next, because by God, you’re gonna need it


9 – The WWE Network is “Buffering…”


10 – You see a wrestler wearing the pink version of his gear


11 – Something happens that Lawler’s never seen before. But yet we all have


12 – The locked cell… opens.


13 – You no longer remember why you’re taking shots


14 – The announcers mention the Cell is hanging above the ring


15 – The commentators plug the WWE Network. To WWE Network subscribers


Thank you very much to Ernest P. Whorrel, King Ricochet and Richy for their ideas. You can also thank them when they discharge you from the hospital.


Enjoy the PPV, my heel friend!



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