20 Ideas Better Than The Anonymous GM

And yes, I could have come up with more than 20. Fresh off a great Survivor Series finish, WWE didn’t do as stellarly the next night on Raw, as Mr. Text Message thought it would be a good idea to tank Raw in the final 60 seconds.


Here are a few ideas that would have looked pretty cool for the new GM:


1 – The Obvious One: Sting


Fresh off his Survivor Series debut, the man that we all thought would be called Borden Stevens when finally signed was perhaps the most logical choice to succeed such the heavily heel Authority.


As the last great 90s legend left to never grace the WWE ring, Sting would have a lot of momentum on his side.


Truth be told, he may not be looking to work as many dates as that. And WWE could be looking to use him very sparingly, to keep him super fresh and each appearance a huge occurence.


2 – No One


I thought this was a good idea as well:


Fact is, an Authority is not required or, at least, one that is so present.


I wouldn’t mind seeing a president-type figure only appear when it’s really really needed.


3 – One Different Superstar Every Week


While it wouldn’t lend itself to a long-term storyline, getting everyone a piece of the action would work toward creating a reason for everyone to tune in every week, in order to find out who’s it going to be that week.


The compelling thing about this option for me is the potential to feature under-utilized guys that can hack it in a meaningful way. Zack Ryder immediately comes to mind. But, with adequate creative writing, any Superstar could be in charge for an advnturous 3 hours.



4 – Same Process. But With Legends and Hall of Famers


How about bringing back old-school guys and gals to take over? Most fans appreciate a good throwback and, since they’re not prominently featured on the show, would contribute toward making things a bit fresher.


5 – Jake “The Snake” Roberts


Given the man’s mic skills and overall knowledge of the business, he would be near-perfect for the role, as he is arguably wrestling’s best actor.




The only drawbacks for WWE would be his aged appearance (this is the company that isn’t too keen on Jim Ross, wrestling’s best commentator) and his rehabilition from substance abuse, which could ultimately prove to be a significant factor when selecting a character for a weekly show.


Regardless of that, there’s no doubt in my mind Jake would nail this GM thing, face or heel, with his eyes closed.


6 – “Rowdy” Roddy Piper


Piper is another “easy” choice, just like Jake. He drips charisma, understands the inner workings of the business like only a few do, and he’s actually played that role before – he took over from Gorilla Monsoon as WWF President in early 1996


He was actually the one that announced the epic 60-minute Iron Man Match between Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels.


7 – Ted DiBiase


Another promo savvy legend that immediately also comes to mind is The Million Dollar Man. Just like both Piper and Roberts, his manipulative, machiavellian heel antics should and would withstand the test of time.


The big question mark in using the likes of DiBiase, Piper and Roberts for me would be their ability (and WWE Creative’s) to get them over with the sections of the crowd that are not in the loop, when it comes to these men’s history and accolades.


But, then again, that’s the question with everybody. Not just the legends.


One possible advantage in the use of DiBiase is that he’s been used by WWE in the past as a road agent and creative consultant, so they could get more bang for their buck.


8 – William Regal


While his NXT stint is proving a success and Regal is possibly best served around the young ones, it is impossible to deny that he is another man whose promos and acting skills are beyong reproach.




As the former WWF and WCW Commissioner in the early 2000s, he has also proven to be a major asset as a heat magnet.


It’s not like you can argue against having more Regal.


9 – Daniel Bryan


While certainly not as strong on the promo end of things as the men I listed before, his popularity and connection with fans is self-evident.


With his long-standing injury still in the process of healing, this would be a way to get Bryan in on the action before he’s fully ready to return.


Drawbacks? There would be two:


Firstly, Bryan’s forte is the ring work, where he is world class and arguably unsurpassed. But he struggles with delivering long promos, as evidenced by his 15 minutes on the opening of Raw.


Secondly, if you see Bryan on TV every week, his big in-ring return could lose some of its surprising, out of nowhere appeal.


The bottom line here would be: to use Bryan, his promos would need to be short and to the point (maybe even give him a sidekick who would benefit from the exposure) and he’d need to be attacked and written out once his in-ring return was set.


10 – Chris Jericho


How would Jericho perform here? Is this the new twist his character would need for one more TV return?


I certainly wouldn’t complain if Jericho went back to his “Honest Man” approach to portray an authority figure.




This option would be complicated by Jericho’s multi-faceted career (Fozzy tours frequently and his 3rd book isn’t going to promote itself), but the limited schedule for a TV-only star would certainly help.


Note: Jericho does seem more interested in being, as several news sites pointed out, the “reverse Brock Lesnar”, appearing only in house shows, where Jericho himself has stated the real fun stuff happens.


11 – Michael Cole


This is where I believed they were originally going with the Anonymous General Manager storyline before we found out it was actually the leprechaun under the ring calling the shots. Let’s not discuss that because I don’t want you to break your own screen.


But, hey, why not take advantage of Michael Cole’s standing with the older crowd? Even though his value as a heel isn’t as big as it was back when the Anonymous GM angle emerged, it isn’t a stretch to believe it will return to that magnitude once we are treated to a few “May I Have Your Attention, Please?”.


This was almost in line with Vickie Guerrero’s “Excuse Me”, which drew instant heat from the fans in attendance.


So why not go full heel with Maggle? Who doesn’t want to see Michael Cole beaten up at the end of this storyline? (Ok, maybe we’d want to see that happen regardless of the storyline…)


Ok. Now… These next ideas will blow your mind.


These are also #BetterThanAnonymousGM:


12 – New GM Revealed In Major Announcement


This would change sports entertainment forever, darlin’.


13 – If A Computer Can Run Raw, Why Not…


I can already see a jealousy angle also involving Triple H and Stephanie.


14 – OK, This Is Still Better


15 – This Would Legit Blow My Mind


16 – After Weeks Of Cryptic Vignetes, The Lights Would Go Out And It Would Be…


Can You Say “3 More Weeks Of High-Octane Entertainment”?


17 – Well, It Is The Network Era…


18 – The Legend Everyone Wants To See


19 – RIP


20 – Kayfabe News Would Love This


Did I Say 20 Ideas? Nah. Feed Me More!

















And, of course, how could this go wrong?




How about you? Got any ideas?



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