RAW In 14 Sexually-Transmitted Memes: November 24th, 2014

Did Raw creatively drop the ball after such a strong finish to Survivor Series?


Well, there’s nothing like a few good memes to help us decide:


1) You Know Vince Is Backstage, So Pleased With Himself, He’s Going…


2) The Old WB For The American Dragon


With his injury, he still can’t do what he’s best at. But, for me, he’s always a welcome addition.



Was the long segment a bit too much for his routine?


3) Miz’s Strategy Is Somehow Familiar…


Oh, I know what that is:


4) Sure, Vince, Suuure…


I know I was going:


4 - Vince-HBK---Angry-Man-compressor


5) A Few Good H’s


Triple H’s promo, while once again very good, sounded like something I’d heard somewhere before.


Oh… I got it now!


5 - Triple-H---Jack-Nicholson---Fathom-compressor


Of course, later in the evening, we would realize we NEED him on that wall. But I’ll get to that in a minute. Before that:


6) J&J Security Where They Belong: The Main Event 🙂


Everyone’s talking about Ziggler rising once again. But J&J are clearly going to Wrestlemania.


I think this calls for a bona fide Achievement meme.


6 - J&J---main-event-achievement-compressor


7) Slaughter Slobber


Seeing the Sarge throw his high-flying saliva around brought me back to 1997.


7 - Rusev---Spit-Riot-Gear-compressor


Not to mention…


8) Writers Hit, Writers Crush


Rusev is ordered by stand-in GM Daniel Bryan to recite the Pledge of Allegiance or face the entire roster in a United States Title Battle Royal.


It becomes clear neither Rusev nor Lana are going to recite the Pledge. So we’re all thinking, OK, Battle Royal is coming.


When Jack Swagger hits the ring and Rusev gets out of Dodge.


So, either Jack Swagger was the entire WWE roster because everyone else was fired for about 1 minute and then re-hired, or Common Sense was buried in the production meeting.


8 - Rusev---scorecard-compressor


9) So That’s Why Brie Kept Kissing Bryan


However, as AJ reminded the Bella Twins, “talent isn’t sexually transmitted”.


9 - Bryan-Brie---Talent-compressor


10) More Turns Than A NASCAR Race


After completing 100 heel/face turns, I felt compelled to give you dibs on this internet thing, for you to use whenever you feel it applies on social media.


10 - Big-Show---Your-Post-Turn-compressor


11) Anonymous


No, not the activists. That might have actually been compelling.


Apparently, WWE took it upon themselves to revive the Anonymous General Manager. You know, the one who ended up being Hornswoggle under the ring.


I understand this choice, mostly because candidates like Sting and Daniel Bryan obviously have nothing on Hornswoggle Anonymous.


I do, however, feel for the wrestling fan who left Survivor Series super stoked and got this to close Raw.



12) The Authority Always Wins.


Remember what Trips said in the beginning?


12 - Beg-Us-to-come-back-compressor


13) And remember, kids:


13 - Talent---Sexual-Transmission-compressor


14) Finally, A Prayer For The Next Raw


14 - Praying---Anonymous-GM-1-week-compressor




That’s it from me. Fingers crossed for next week’s Raw. If you’re into heel t-shirts, FREE SHIPPING (with no minimum order) starts Wednesday, November 26th and ends December 2nd, so get to it 😉




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