Survivor Series in 15 Show-Stealing Memes

Is it just me or were we treated to a special main event last night at Survivor Series? Given the last few months, I too am confused.


Or maybe it’s just the effects of the Survivor Series Drinking Game.


The big thing for me here is how amazing it is that the show still had its duds but the main event ended in such a cool way, it worked like a Men In Black Neuralyzer.


Despite bunnies, bulls, Big Shows, and a few other things I’ll get to below, last night was about this:


1) Breaking The Internet



But, I’m getting ahead of myself. We need to start with the the pre-show, where these two things are the biggest takeaways for me:


2) Get Your Trailer Voice Ready…




3) Poor Logic. Poor Swagger.




4) Well-EnDOWed


Then, the show itself started and we got the Tag Team Title Match. Needless to say, everyone performed as well as expected.


Yet, I must confess I expected the Dusts to walk away victorious. Not that I’m complaining, because:




5) Shovels Were Had


Last night seemed like a good indication that AJ is indeed leaving because the former Diva’s Champion was out of there quicker than CJ Parker wrestling Baron Corbin.



6) But I Did Admire The Strategy


Although some probably did not…



7) Just A Reminder To WWE On Behalf Of All UK Heels


Get movin’, E.




8) And now, the Main Event of the evening!


Can I get the negative stuff out of the way first?


9) Congratulations To Big Show! Huge Milestone!




And who knew, only 90 of them were random.


10) The Culmination of 13 Years Of Anticipation


Finally, Sting is here. Say what you want about the man (and I have), his character was one of the most carefully built of the Monday Night Wars Era.


He has solid backing behind him and there’s just an aura that accompanies a man of his stature.


His mic work is always more than solid, he came out with a bang last night and, let’s face it, it was a very cool moment.


Bottom line:



11) Punk’s Sister Shaleen Actually Texted Him



Thank you, Salgado for this idea.


12) But Back To Sting…


I enjoyed the special extra touch on his paint. But I wonder if Triple did:




13) Main Event, Welcome To Ziggler


Along with Sting’s Debut, I was very happy my pre-event feeling wasn’t misplaced and Ziggler ended up being the wrestler rising to the occasion in this match.


It is deserved and, as he himself has said, “It’s about damn time.”


So yes, achievement unlocked:


14) Ziggler overcame a 3-on-1 disadvantage???


He kicked out at 2 almost 10 times? Was able to handle multiple interferences?


Oh boy…



15) And Finally…


It’s good to feel this again!




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See you guys for Raw!


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