The Best NXT (Maybe) Ever… In Memes!

A show packed from top to bottom with performers worried about only one thing: delivering for the fans.

And boy, did this show deliver. From great storyline moments to wrestling moves that stood out, this was a very complete event.

So, let’s go to the memes!

1 – Savage Velveteen

The North American Title Match was an overdose of highlights. This was one. I don’t want to put words into a legend’s mouth, but I feel Macho Man would’ve been proud of Velveteen Dream’s flying elbow drop:

2 – A Violent Work of Art

NXT, Ciampa and Gargano have delivered one of the best feuds in years and years. From partners to bitter rivals, they told a very good story, in and out of the ring. I could go on and on, but I believe the best compliment for these two will be the fact that their feud will be talked about for years to come.

3 – But Was I The Only One…

… Who thought this was… interesting?

4 – FFS!

Stop for 2 seconds!

5 – On The Nose

When you really want to make sure the fans get it.

6 – Ah, A Worthy Contender

This could be fun one day.

7 – Ah, A Worthy Contender II

Before deciding doing an X-Box achievement meme with all 3 new champs, I was getting a screencap of them holding their title, when I found I couldn’t get one decent shot of Shayna Baszler. To her credit though:

8 – Blue Screen of Cole


9 – He Did Have Options Though

Maybe reboot the system.

10 – Sicilian Storyteller

How good was this feud and how good is Ciampa? He walked into an arena full of smarks and drew serious heat. Enough said.

Thank you for reading/looking.

Have a good Mania, just like NXT wished the Stamford folks:

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