The RAW After Wrestlemania… IN MEMES!

Wrestlemania 34 is in the books (just like its memes).

Now, it’s time to recap the biggest show of the year: thw Raw After Wrestlemania. Here we go!

1 – Debuts, Debuts, Debuts

I lost count.

2 – If This Doesn’t Deserve An Achievement

I don’t know what does.

3 – Am I The Only One…

… who sees something familiar in No Way Jose…?

4 – Bye Bye

There are already 2 devious Pauls on the main roster. 3 is too much.

5 – Dat Mandy Rose Knee

And dat Sasha Banks selling.

6 – Cover Up

It went as expected.

7 – Thank You!

Some good sense at last.

8 – If This Keeps Up

How’s Stephanie gonna look?

9 – “I Heard TNA Is Hiring”

Wow. Really? LOL.

10 – Oh You

You know who you are!

11 – Rating Apollo

What do you think?

12 – Roman/Joe Recap

If you didn’t see this segment, this is basically how it ended:

13 – Scheduling Conflicts

Nicholas and Braun Strowman vacated their Raw Tag Team Titles, as Nicholas is in the 4th grade. Angle was pretty reasonable. But I wonder if other corporate heads can be as calm about it.

14 – 1 Week Later…

This is happening:

15 – And Finally

Goodbye Paige. I hope she’s just as happy outside of the ring as it seems she was in it.

Thanks for sticking around! That’s it for me! What did you think of the show?

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