Download Heelbook: Best of 2012

2012 definitely had its moments, good and bad.


Among my favourites, I think I’ll go with the Punk vs. Jericho feud, Team Friendship (that’s what is was called, not Team Hell No) Lesnar and Heyman returning and the End of An Era Match.


But, let’s be honest. We also got some very raw deals, like the decisive halt to Zack Ryder’s push.


So if you’re the kind of cat that feels like collecting all these sumbitches, I put them all together in these two ZIP files that you can download below. And that’s all I gotta say about that.


The 3 Austin references in the last paragraph cost me a total of $9,471.50.


I digress. Here are your downloads:

Meme Collection - 2012-Best-compressor
Meme Collection - 2012-Complete-compressor




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