Heelbook #1: Booking Wrestlemania 31 (Pilot)

NOTE: iTunes and I are in a bit of a feud. The iTunes Store shows the podcast without episode 1 or cover art, but it’s there as soon as you subscribe. Waiting for them to help out for a few days now.


Let’s see where this takes us, shall we?


This is the pilot version of The Heelbook Podcast.




It’s an experiment, a test to help me figure out if a podcast is something worth adding to Heelbook.


Your thoughts on it will be pivotal in helping me decide where we go from here. (Think of me as WWE in reverse.)


On this episode, 2 indy bookers – me and my buddy Pegasus – do a serious, real-time booking session and build the entire Wrestlemania 31 card for you, as you listen.





Again: for the iTunes guy or gal, the podcast will appear “empty” but if you subscribe to the podcast, episode 1 will be there for you. Working on it, waiting for feedback from Apple.


We go over:

  • every single match (and every title, if you can believe that)
  • why the match makes sense for Wrestlemania
  • who goes over
  • and there are some comedy moments in there as well, courtesy of Kayfabe News and The Rough House Podcast


And don’t be shy. Pull no punches and tell me what you think!


By the way, the Q&A originally scheduled for this episode has gone over to the next episode. We got into a lot of stuff to make the booking session as detailed as possible for you, so it just made sense to put the Q&A on a different episode.


Co-host: Pegasus
Digital Consultant: Bruno Brito
Voice Over: bigmouth
Audio Mixer: DJ Bammer
Podcast Cover Photography: Maria S. Pinho
Special Thanks to Kayfabe News and The Rough House Podcast
“Overdriven Guitar Chords” courtesy of Sash
“BCFP Bass And Balls 1 90 180” courtesy of alividlife
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