Heelbook #2: Q&A

In the second part of our podcast pilot, it’s all about the questions you sent in.


Once again, we got into as much detail as possible, so a few of your questions were answered on a bonus file.





Here are some of the subjects me and my buddy Pegasus cover:

  • The logic behind themed PPVs like Hell In A Cell and TLC
  • Which wrestlers had the hardest path to success
  • Which former Shield member will have the best career
  • The importance of the Intercontinental and US Titles
  • The possible return of Kurt Angle
  • How it’s becoming increasingly difficult to get heel reactions
  • And, yes, there are a few comedy spots in there, courtesy of Kayfabe News and The Rough House Podcast

As always, let us know what you thought!


As for the “minor announcement” (which I’ve already spoiled via Heel Trailer and Facebook), here’s the link if you feel like taking a look.


And, as promised, the extra questions:





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