Heelbook #3: Heel In A Cell

Sunday, October 26th, 2014. A great main event in Ambrose vs. Rollins ends with an unexpected finish that some loved and some… not so much.


In this episode, me and Pegasus review the entire Hell In A Cell card, looking at:

  • Match quality
  • Crowd reaction
  • Storyline setups and payoffs
  • The finish of Ambrose vs. Rollins in detail
  • And yes yes, comedy ensues with appearances by Kayfabe News and The Rough House Podcast

Oh, and the opening will completely transform your podcast experience:





Note: Pegasus and I mention this earlier article I wrote reviewing Hell In A Cell, inconclusive finishes in particular.




Co-host: Pegasus

Digital Consultant: Bruno Brito

Voice Over: bigmouth

Optimus Prime: Jon Bailey

Audio Mixing: DJ Bammer

Podcast Cover Photography: Maria S. Pinho

Special Thanks to Kayfabe News and The Rough House Podcast

“News Program Intro Music by Graham Walsh

“Cinematic Deep Bass Rumble” courtesy of ERH

“Overdriven Guitar Chords” courtesy of Sash

“BCFP Bass And Balls 1 90 180” courtesy of alividlife

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