Thank You, S3stat

With adding a podcast to the Heelbook roster, it also came the time to ask what could be done to measure its success and get some insights on who’s listening.


A Google Analytics for the podcast, if you will.



Well, luckily, my buddy and Heelbook’s digital handyman Bruno got to researching and found S3stat, which is pretty much Google Analytics for podcasts.


You get listener data, referers, locations, browsers, you name it. Being a new podcaster, I need real bona fide information to know where I’m going, so S3stat definitely did the trick for me.




So, in case you’re a podcaster looking for some serious numbers about your show, this is me putting in a good word for them and giving them my props for a good-looking, butt-kicking operation!


You can check them out here. They have accessible pricing and a way to get their analytics for free as well.


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