Watch Former NWA Champion Adam Pearce LOSE IT… Hilariously

If you don’t know the On Your Mark show, you’re missing some worthwhile stuff.


Not the least of which is getting to see former 5-time NWA World Heavyweight Champion Adam Pearce go mental on host Mark E. Xtreme.


(Yes, that’s the host’s name.)


After a series of “shoot questions” only Mark could ask with a straight face, Pearce’s patience begins to dwindle and, soon after, he thwarts any and all plans for a calm interview and just LOSES IT in this hilarious piece of video:



Check out all the video goodness of On Your Mark, which include interviews with RVD, John Morrison and Matt Hardy.


If you want to ask your own “shoot” questions to Adam Pearce while slightly inebriated, he’s on Facebook and Twitter.


And remember, sometimes… “you gotta tread through mud to get to a castle”.


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