Royal Rumble 2015 – Drinking Game

Before I give your liver my farewells…


The Royal Rumble 2015 Drinking Game is brought to you by:



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That’s right, I’m sponsoring my own post. Sponsorception. But I digress. If Ryback were here, he’d say:




Let’s do this!


Take a shot when:


1 – Roman Reigns enters the Rumble. A drink always softens the blow.


2 – The guy you wanted to win is eliminated.


2.1 – Double if he was eliminated by Roman Reigns.


3 – A surprise entrant shows up.


4 – You realize you have no idea how the Outlaws vs. Ascension match made it on to the PPV.


5 – Brock Lesnar hits a german.


6 – Something makes Roman Reigns look really really strong.


7 – Kofi Kingston avoids elimination via jumping parkour sommersault plancha


8 – The commentators remind us Reigns was Superstar of the Year.


9 – Someone points at the Wrestlemania logo.


10 – Cesaro is thrown over the 4th rope.


Welp, you know the drill. Play with water or have the EMTs standing by.


And, in case you missed it, here’s your Heel Trailer:



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