WWE Payback Drinking Game

I miss seeing you stone-cold drunk during WWE events.


Why don’t we change that?


Welcome to the WWE Payback Drinking Game!


Take a shot:


1) When a Wrestlemania rematch is next.


2) When Kevin Owens screams in Chris Jericho’s face.


3) When Randy Orton pulls the ultimate babyface move and grabs a chinlock.


4) When Bray Wyatt laughs like a psycho.


5) When Braun Strowman faces Roman Reigns and experiences his “Super-Babyface by default” moment.


6) When WWE announces the attendance. And adds 10,000 people.


7) If you start hoping to see bugs projected on the apron, so the Orton/Wyatt match has at least one highlight.


8) When Jeff Hardy lands like a ton of bricks on top of someone.


Having fun…?




9) If Chris Jericho puts someone over. (only for power-drinkers)


10) When the crowd pops for a heel. (Yes, I know there’s life-threatening risk here.)


11) When Matt Hardy makes a very subtle “Broken” reference.


12) If you sneak off during Orton vs. Wyatt to take your 259th look at Paige’s leaked photos.


13) When you realize Neville and Austin Aries are in WWE and wrestling each other. If that doesn’t warrant a celebratory drink, nothing does.


14) When you realize the WWE Universal Champion worked 1 day in April. Cheers!


15) If you see a picture of the nicest, most well-intentioned wrestling shirt below, which you can get now with an exclusive discount:



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Disclaimer: As always, medical expenses are not on me.

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