WWE No Mercy 2017 Drinking Game

Two legitimately interesting headliners on a WWE PPV? Did I start playing this game already?

Welcome to the WWE No Mercy Drinking Game. Where there’s no mercy for your liver, consciousness or stomach contents.

Take a shot when:


1) Brock or Strowman no-sell a move.


2) Reigns is showered with boos.


3) Finn Balor is showered with cheers.


4) Jason Jordan is showered with nothing.


5) Enzo Amore goes hold-for-hold with Neville.


6) Ah-ha! #5 was a test. If you had a shot, you’re drunk AF. You need to stop playing. I’ve called the EMTs to your location.


7) You remember the grand expectations you had for Bray Wyatt.


8) You feel the need to take the edge off from the high stakes involved in Apollo vs. Elias.


9) Brock and Strowman steal the show.


10) Emma attempts to steal the show but is caught by a Walmart employee.


11) You fondly remember a time when Ambrose and Rollins were given a solid story to work with. And they knocked it out of the park.


12) Cena or Roman hit their finisher and you think it’s over.


13) [You’re looking for it so I might as well give it to you] Brock hits a suplex.


14) You feel the need to celebrate Asuka’s debut.



You know what? You should just play this with Ice Tea. It’s a smaller hump if you’re not hooked to a stomach pump.

Do you have a #15? Tell me in the comments.

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