Drinking Game: Hell In A Cell 2017

Welcome to the Hell In A Cell Drinking Game.

Remember: play with iced tea, lemonage or even water, or be ready to forfeit your liver’s well-being 30 minutes into this event.

The EMTs are on stand-by, so let’s do this!

Take your Innaugural shot:

1) If you only realized there’s a WWE event tonight because of this drinking game.

Take a shot when:

2) Corbin tells Styles to go back to an indy fed he was never a part of.

3) An announcer refers to the Hell In A Cell as “ominous”.

4) Shane McMahon climbs something really high.

5) You realize that, after years and years, you still don’t understand what purpose Byron Saxton serves.

6) Kevin Owens screams in Shane McMahon’s face.

7) Ziggler beats Roode.

8) HA! #7 That was a test! You’re so drunk you’re hallucinating!! You’re cut off, my friend.

9) A promo video for a former WCW PPV runs.

10) Carmella cashes in. Corbin takes notes.

11) You put on a sweater because Orton vs. Rusev has zero heat.

Extreme Drinking Game Section. Take a shot if…

12) A Singh interferes.

13) A wrestler complains to the referee about a slow count.

14) The cell is used as a weapon.

15) Your WWE Network stream is buffering.

16) The Crowd says “GLORIOUS!”

17) There’s a close-up of Shane McMahon looking concussed.

Do you have an 18? Let me know in the comments.

Have fun and tag a friend who’s man/woman enough to play this with you.

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