The Shield Reunion RAW in Memes

The Shield reunion is consummated. So…

1) With no ado whatsoever, let’s begin with the highlight.

I’m pretty sure this was you during the broadcast:

2) Hmm, no? Maybe a little more like this…?

I mean, it isn’t puroresu, but still.

3) Read in his voice, please.

I don’t think the Shield Reunion can be complete without this:

4) Congratulations to this man

It feels like a short reign but it’s some well-deserved attention for a hard worker (who just wants to do a good lucha thing). And he got to main event Raw – which, yes, is a mixed bag. Still good for Kalisto, though.

6) Vince vs. The Writers

To begin the Gripe Section of this meme report… am I the only one who doesn’t understand why WWE didn’t find it more compelling to tease the reunion until the final segment…?

It’s hard to grasp the thought process that compells you to open a 3-hour show with The Shield reunion, which is your strongest segment. Why not build to it?

Show each member arriving alone to the arena. People trying to interview them, but they avoid talking to them. The Miz plotting backstage. Until the final segment, where The Shield reunites by crashing Miz TV.

But, when I look at Vince’s face, I understand his logic:

7) The plot for the next Tom Cruise movie

*cue theme song*

8) Emma wins. But does she really?

9) Hmm, while we’re on that Emma pic…

10) We appreciate The Shield Reunion, Vince. But…

The other big point of contention in the Shield reunion seems to be the opposition. And it’s a valid one. The best way to bring a hero out into the world is against a powerful villain.

And, even though he’s still in the 2015 Royal Rumble, Curtis Axel isn’t that guy. Arguably, Cesaro and Sheamus, suddenly banded together with The Miz, also don’t feel like The Shield’s strongest possible antagonists. Far from it.

Hopefully, they get through this combination of opponents and have bigger, badder ones waiting.

11) Oh, and longtime fan Chase Fields pointed this out to me:

Every time at the Bankers Life Fieldhouse in Indianapolis. Well played.

12) Before I say goodbye, remember: never be alone in your life.

Thanks for reading. I appreciate it. Now, if you don’t mind, I have to go figure out if I have to eat my own words.

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