WWE TLC 2017 Drinking Game

TLC is upon us.

And it looks like someone bought a Swerve Pack, because Kurt Angle is in for Roman Reigns and AJ Styles is in for Bray Wyatt.

Which means Miz, Braun, The Bar and Mayor Jacobs have some serious opposition:

You could almost say meningitis is a better booker than WWE and write an article about it. You know what? I just did.

But I digress. Because it’s time to kill some livers and help EMTs earn their pay for the week.

Welcome to the #WWETLCDrinkingGame!

Take a shot:

1) To clear up any possible trace of meningitis in your system.

2) When AJ and Balor have a stare down.

3) Every time you suspect Kurt Angle will somehow be removed from his match.

4) When Enzo Amore regains the Cruiserweight Championship.

5) Hell, take two shots for that.

6) If Asuka performs a move that seems to kill Emma.

7) Every time you remember how weird it is that Braun has gone from being the worst Wyatt Family member to the most interesting act on the main roster. [from Thomas Broome-Jones]

8) When you feel bad that you’re not going to see Sister Abigail tonight.

9) OMG! Did you really drink for #8?! Stop. Now. Step away from the shot glasses. The EMTs are en route.

10) Michael Cole reminds us Finn Balor was the first Universal Champion. [from Henrique Lucas]

11) When it looks like Kurt Angle will be involved in a high spot.

12) If Emma tries to steal one of Asuka’s moves but is caught by a Walmart employee.

13) Braun hurls a heavy object in a human being’s direction.

Oh… and:

14) Down everything if Jason Jordan is announced as Angle’s replacement.

*knock on wood*

Do you have a #15…? Let me know in the comments.

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