NXT TakeOver WarGames in 9 PPV-Delivering Memes

NXT TakeOver WarGames certainly delivered. As evidenced by the video packages, all matches had very decent, well-thought out build-up. And it showed.

From the opening match up to the War Games match, it was obvious why TakeOver shows continue to be must-see.

Let’s go to the memes:

1 – Somewhere in the WWE Universe…

… this talk is taking place:

2 – Velveteen and the wonders he’s now seen

He may have lost the battle, but he won the naming war:

3 – Tender Lars

Sullivan is getting a push – a wrestling term for surviving 50 lethal strikes from a “knockout artist” – but all I can think about is how many women would swipe right:

4 – Congratulations to the New Champ

While it ended up not coming at the expense of Asuka, Ember Moon finally gets the strap. For her sake, I would have preferred she simply dethrone Asuka, but I totally understand wanting to keep Asuka “immortal” while making Ember relevant using other means – and, of course, there was that pesky injury just before one of their Takeover matches.

5 – Velveteen’s Busy

I wonder if this is his current chat status:

6 – Arn Anderson

When Ranallo mentioned Arn had been in 18 War Games matches – WHILE they were putting over how devastating the match was – my expectations for his cameo were:

7 – OMG, Steve!!

I wish Austin was on commentary so we could see his reaction to the Double Stun — I mean, Eclipse.

8 – “Meh, no way he wins.”

Hum, yeah.

9 – Adam Cole, Bay-Bay!

What did you think of the show?

Well, that’s all from me. Thank you for reading, and thank you to this gentleman for going to TakeOver with a Heelbook shirt:

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