The RAW with DELETE spasms and The Elias Trio

It’s Monday Night Raw. Where the big things struggle and little things are everything.

Like harmonicas and “Broken” forebodings.

Let’s go to the memes!

1 – Someone Calls In A Heelbook Marker

It’s from 2015, but it’s still good.

When you use one of your brightest prospects to reinforce Kane is a “beast” after Jason Jordan had already done the same… either Finn slept with Stephanie or you need to go back to booking school.

2 – FFS Every Single Match Permutation

Is Ambrose & Rollins vs. The Bar supposed to be the tag team version of Orton vs. Cena? This idea that booking a tag team feud means having singles matches on TV hits nowhere near home for me.

Plus, I swear I can see into Vince’s office when this is being thought out:

Hmm, if he has extra weeks to fill, I suggest getting Cesaro under a mask. Maybe call him El Suizo Millennial.

3 – Asuka vs. Paige Is Coming

And that’s not a bad thing. I would even say:

4 – Oh, Booker…


5 – Everything He Wished He Was 🙁

Bo and Curtis showing up Double J!

6 – “If You Want Some, Come Get S…”

Oh no no, we found a bland new one we like better:

7 – Dose LOP Comments

There’s always something on that comment section…

… that makes me go:

8 – Polarizing Kane

I’m “guilty” of this two, but it’s amazing how Kane constantly pulls in these two opposite takes on him:

Maybe have him do some good work a notch or two below where he is now on the card, Vince?

9 – Delightful!

Will they pull the trigger this time?

10 – Jason Jordan’s Injury

I’ve seen him fake it, sell it, complain about it only when he feels his back is against the wall, then sell it again.

Please decide if he’s faking it or not. I’m running out of water, because every time I see one of these contradictions:

11 – Smackdown Preview

If last week’s trend continues:

Thanks for reading and watching.

Got a number #12 meme for me…?

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