The RAW with Paige’s Return in Memes

Ah, finally. Paige is back. And the response is very promising. Even as she planted some heel seeds in her promo, the crowd was still very much behind her.

Let’s go to the memes!

1 – Thank God for Kurt Angle

Good Guy Kurt saves us from 20 minutes of McMahonism:

2 – When Braun Sees Jordan

I’m sure it’s pretty much this:

3 – Not Everyone Was 100% Happy with Paige’s Return

Like this LOP commenter:

4 – Others Were More Constructive

Well, kind of.

5 – I See…

… good one.

6 – No PowerPoint??

Such an important piece of information and no presentation, no chart? Damn it, I’ll make it myself!

7 – Let’s Get This Out of the Way

I really wish Roman hadn’t been dealt such a bad card creatively, because his match are consistently good.

Here you go:

8 – WHAT… ‘s So Funny

You can see Gallows was having fun on this one. I wonder if the impersonee was as delighted:

9 – Speaking Of Delighted

I’m sure this man is ecstatic:

10 – Fatal 4-Way and…

… ref calls for…


11 – Could Have Bought a Boat

But Vince thought that, with that main event, the poor fellow would get some (long overdue) recognition.

That’s it for me.

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