What Pro Wrestling Co-Worker Are You…?

Welcome to Monday.

Let’s see which pro wrestling co-worker you are.

Here are your possibilities:

Daniel Bryan

Your boss doesn’t let you do what you do best. So you’re just waiting for your contract to expire.

Roman Reigns

You’re the boss’s favorite, but everyone else hates the sight of you. Unless you’re working with your two friends from the Shield Department.

Jimmy Jacobs

You’re very creative but get fired for hanging out with the competition.

Alberto El Patron

You have an international reputation as being technically sound at your chosen line of work. But you’re best known for talking shit about your former employer. And you somehow managed to get fired for slapping the piss out of the racist douche from Social Media.

Matt Hardy

Whenever the boss asks to see your Internet history you hit “DELETE! DELETE! DELETE!”

Brock Lesnar

You work very slowly but somehow get your work done better than everyone else.

Velveteen Dream

Even though you do good work, you’re obsessed with making sure your silent colleague says your name.

Steve Austin

You’re always in a bad mood and you’re known for frequently drinking on the job. People are sure it’s only a matter of time before you assault your boss.

Triple H

People are split about you: you married the boss’s daughter and frequently take the spot of up-and-coming employees, but you do great work training the interns.

Eli Drake

You stopped going to meetings with your client because you kept saying he was a DUMMY. YEAH!

Chris Jericho

You come and go as you please. The boss says nothing.

Vince McMahon

You deliver your weekly projects with the same content as the previous week’s.

So… who did you get?

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