RAW’s 25th Anniversary… IN MEMES!

It’s great to see so many superstars of the past come back and still hack it to a tremendous degree while, at the same time, giving promising prospects like Elias and Jason Jordan more moments to showcase how far they can go.

Let’s go to the memes!

1 – First Off

Let’s just say:

It was also great to see JR and King doing part of the commentary. I should confess that one of my favorite parts of watching 80s and 90s wrestling is the commentary: actual play-by-play with humorous and savvy color announcing.

2 – He Leaves In A Senior Community Now

Nope. He just doesn’t want to get a Stunner. Can you imagine Vince McMahon in a nursing home?

3 – The Bad Guy…

No survey needed to know that he’s:


4 – Elias

Doesn’t want you playing on “Easy”.

5 – Such A Great Show

And only Vince can find a fitting way to close it:

6 – Those Boos

I can’t help but think he’s:

7 – Quotable Cesaro

As the pop that followed attested:

Credit is due to Jason Jordan and the company for building a spoiled brat wrestler in a very original way.

8 – Poker Stars

Can’t wait to see The Million Dollar Man in the finals:

9 – Dat Miz…

… is seriously becoming my favorite guy on the roster:

10 – According To Reports…

… it appears that the fans at the Manhattan Center were basically sitting through segments being broadcasted from the Barclays Center, with not much filler. Which lead to a lot of frustration, which was palpable during D-X’s and Hall’s promo.

11 – And Finally…

… when was the last time you heard so many big pops in the same night? Well, there are drawbacks:

That’s it from me. I should be back for some Rumble banter!

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