Royal Rumble 2018: Drinking Game

The EMTs are standing by, Vince McMahon is too busy to change our game at the last minute and my Rumble predictions are in, so here we go!

Take a shot when:

1 – Brock or Braun scream.

2 – There’s a spot designed to make Kane look strong.

3 – Roman is booed.

4 – Stephanie McMahon enters the match herself.

5 – The crowd counts down to zero quicker than the actual timer does (from @HeyTysonHey)

6 – WWE runs a Royal Rumble stat video.

7 – Ronda Rousey enters the Rumble.

8 – Take a shot when Kofi is eliminated. OH WAIT, HE’S STILL IN!!

9 – Michael Cole says “Oh My!”

10 – Tye Dillinger is number 10. Again. (from @JWStone87)

11 – The crowd pops for an unannounced entrant.

12 – You become indifferent to the countdowns.

13 – Jordan and Rollins have a miscommunication.

14 – Elias sings.

15 – Aiden English sings.

16 – Double J sings.

17 – Sorry. Got carried away there.

18 – The countdowns are just pissing you off now.

19 – Jason Jordan begs Kurt Angle to give him a Rumble spot.

20 – You realize Stephanie is putting over women in WWE but none of the women’s world titles are being defended at the event. Salud!

Special shots:

– Drink whatever you need when you get nervous about Reigns possibly winning the Rumble.

– Down the bottle if Reigns wins.

– The people you bet on were eliminated.

– Toast to the victory of a hard-working wrestler.

Stop drinking if:

– You’re finding Stephanie’s commentary enjoyable. (from @AdsLucas)

– You feel too wasted to walk with Elias.

See you tomorrow. Have you hangover tricks ready to go.

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