Play The Wrestlemania 34 Drinking Game

The EMTs are standing by, a great NXT is in the books, you already know all the (honest) Wrestlemania slogans and my Mania predictions are in, so here we go!

Take a shot:

1 – When you hear Elias’s trademark guitar strum.

2 – When Shane McMahon hits his shitty punches. Who knows, they might look better with some alcohol in your system.

3 – When they talk about the Women’s Revolution. And then you notice there are all lumped together in a battle royal.

4 – For every entrance that has a live performance.

5 – Every time you think of how Rusev winning would make your day.

Take a shot:

6 -Every time Ronda Rousey makes a mean face.

7 – Every time Stephanie makes a scared face.

8 – Every time you think “Vince is making an ‘I just came from screwing the fans’ face”.

9 – When you ask yourself “If Kurt gets fired up and pulls the straps down, does Ronda do the same?”

10 – When Nia Jax wins. Toast to her success before downing it.


Take a shot:

11 – For every hour you survive.

12 – For every pop Daniel Bryan gets.

13 – Every time someone in your group throws out a name to be Braun’s mystery partner.

14 – When you realize this game is killing you.

15 – To forget this game is killing you.

Take a shot:

16 – Every time Finn Balor shows his shit-eating grin.

17 – If Asuka decks Ric Flair. Before drinking, finish laughing to avoid choking.

18 – If the Andre Battle Royal winner is even an worse choice than Mojo Rawley.

19 – For every spear Lesnar takes.

20 – When someone kicks out of a finisher

And finally:

21 – Take a shot when AJ Styles and Shinsuke Nakamura blow the rest of the card out of the water.

Normally, I say “see you tomorrow and good luck with your hangover”. Here I’m just going to say:

It was nice knowing you. I hope Heaven is every bit as good as it sounds.

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