The Smackdown Where AJ Punked Out Nakamura… IN MEMES!

It’s not every day that Nakamura gets taken off his game and it worked very well here.

So let’s go to the memes.

1 – Before We Start…

… let me ask you:

2 – The Score

Is now:

3 – Once You Think About It

It seemed bound to happen.

4 – But The Real Story

Was this:

5 – Two Masters Of Their Craft

And the technique, My God. One could almost say:

6 – A Word Of Caution To The Booker

I hope you’re hearing the chants.

7 – Achievement


8 – False Start

Good call by the ref.

9 – Well Done

As stated by the king of sarcasm.

10 – Final Note

If I could state the importance of how Smackdown ended:

Thanks for reading/watching. I’ll be back this week.

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