The Internet’s Best Of The Week: August 2nd, 2014

This week a lot of funny stuff happened outside the heelbook walls, so I think it’s definitely worth highlighting some of the best things Wrestling and the Internet brought us this week.


Notes: 2 items aren’t funny but I definitely thought they were share-worthy. If you see that I’m referring incorrectly to a source, let me know.


1 – Apologise!


My sentiments exactly. One of my all-time favourite pages Wrestling Memes reminds us Cesaro’s push has only deflated since siding with Heyman. And that “Apologise” in British English has an “s”, not a “z”.



There was a sequel to this meme by the way.


2 – The only thing the TNA Network really needs to be a success


Facebook page Meme Street Posse showed us the only thing the TNA Network required to succeed:



3 – Drew Returns To A Huge Pop in ICW


Drew McIntyre-now-using-his-real-name-Galloway returned to the international wrestling since with a surprise appearance in his old stomping grounds: Insane Championship Wrestling.


The crowd reaction is awesome and Drew looks every bit like a major player:



I could have done without the beatdown of the champ on the ramp while talking on the mic (seems too much to do to your champion), but the surprise appearance and house cleaning do it for me.


4 – Have a Coke and a Legend Killer


Chris Sandoval shared his own meme, where a personalized can of Coca-Cola is victimized by a fitting foe:



5 – Chibi Wrestlers – Dean Chases Seth in Space

The Chibi Wrestlers project delivers on its unique flavor of wrestling cartoons with this example of Ambrose’s obsession with stopping Rollins’s cash-in. Dean will follow Seth, no matter what.



6 – Stone Cold Cologne


I caught this retweet by Steve Austin and there was just something about the combination of the text and the product…


Great… Now I wanna smell like a can of whoop ass!


7 – Heyman’s Awesome Story and Dead-On Impression of Dusty Rhodes


Paul Heyman’s DVD is making the rounds and looks better and better every time one sees a preview. This clip is a must for anyone who enjoys a brief Heyman story and a killer impersonation of the American Dream.



8 – Ask Jesus


3 Internet points if you get this reference. Jesus Aguilera, where you at and when are you coming back?



9 – Daniel Bryan’s Burglary Press Conference


A funny part comes at 4:45, when Bryan mentions a WWE personality test he took, that gave him the “lowest ambition score they’d ever seen”. The whole thing is watchable, and really gives you a sense of how down-to-earth Bryan is. As it’s a press conference about the burglary, it also contains some serious parts.



10 – Raw in GIFs


Wrestling With Text is another page you should check out if you’ve never seen it before. It mostly recaps shows via GIFs, with a lot of funny editorializing in the process. This is the recap of last Monday’s Raw.


And here’s one of my favorite all-time GIFs from WWT:



11 – BotchedSpot – Every one gets arrested


Another very cool brand of wrestling cartoons is BotchedSpot. This week, we saw what would happen if the police actually took a serious look at WWE wrestlers, beyond the Stephanie-Brie assault case.



12 – Kayfabe News – The Real Story Behind Why Taker Lost At WM30


Arguably the champion of wrestling journalism, Kayfabe News took it upon themselves to put the End of the Streak matter to absolute rest. They succeed with the post below:



Did you see some laughing material that’s missing in this selection? Let me know in the comments below 😉


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