Personalize Your Own Wrestling Shirt

Personalize is in beta.

On this section, you give the directions. But you already know that.

You can take a heelbook shirt (or hoodie) and put your name or other cool stuff on the shirts.

Pick the one you want, click it, and you’ll see what you can edit.

Any details related to price, shipping, etc, is inside each specific page. And remember, you can always use the Contact page to get ahold of me.

Your own Heel Hall of Fame shirt or hoodie

The symbol of your induction, personalized with your name of the ring apron.

Make your own shirt or hoodie now.

Your own Pro Wrestling Guy/Girl shirt or hoodie

On it, you get to introduce yourself to everyone by putting your name on the first line.

Make your own shirt or hoodie now.

Really Strong
Your own Really Really Strong shirt or hoodie

Now, remember, if you wear this shirt and put your name on it, you have to make yourself look REALLY REALLY STRONG.

Make your own shirt or hoodie now.

Heel of the year
Your own Heel of the Year shirt or hoodie

Give yourself a pat on the back. You’re this year’s best eye-gauging, rope-grabbing, tight-pulling, rule-breaker and your very own shirt is merely a fraction of the credit you deserve dammit!

Make your own shirt or hoodie now.

Your own Heel Dictionary shirt or hoodie

With this highly educational design, you can to write whatever your heel heart desires on the third definition.

Make your own shirt or hoodie now.

Your own Heel Sports jersey
Your own Heel Sports jersey

Finally, our team has a jersey. Just give me your name and number and you’ll play next week.

Make your own now.