Which Pro Wrestling Boyfriend Are You?

I’m betting some of our lady friends who are into pro wrestling have done this at least once… so, the question is, which Pro Wrestling Boyfriend are you?


Well, we have the full infographic for you. Good luck!




A big THANK YOU you to Sara who made this awesome infographic!


1. You’re John Cena


She’s tired of you, but you’ve been together for 12 years and all her younger friends seem to like you; she just wishes you’d try something different every now and then…


2. You’re The Rock


You’re always off somewhere, focused on your career and being a big star. She finds it disappointing that when she does see you, it’s via Skype. And every time you do show up in person, all you want to do is sing songs and talk about pie.


3. You’re CM Punk


She really digs your rebel style and wise cracks. She’s noticed you’re wound a little too tight, which is why she hid your ball, so you can’t take it and go home.


4. You’re The Great Khali


She doesn’t understand a word you say, has a hard time with how clumsy you are and is only dating you because of your size.


5. You’re Damien Sandow


She likes you because you keep it fresh, showing up with different clothes and mannerisms every week. She could do without you saying “You’re Welcome” every time you kiss her.


6. You’re Vince McMahon


She’s very shy and intimidated around you because she’s heard all about how you’re a genius. She hates it when you sneeze: she knows it’ll ruin the mood.


7. You’re Brock Lesnar


She thinks you have a great look and body but finds it weird that you almost never talk and keep that annoying best friend who never shuts up around to tell everyone how great you are.


8. You’re Roman Reigns


Ever since she met you and your two friends, her ovaries imploded. And exploded. There’s also something about the way you say “Baby Girl…” and how you look like you’re starring in the shampoo commercial of her dreams.


9. You’re JTG


She has no idea why she’s been dating you for so long.


10. You’re Dolph Ziggler


She loves you, you work 3 times as hard as everyone else and never fail to give her pleasure. Strangely, however, her parents don’t really see much potential in you.


11. You’re Triple H


She digs your ambition, but her friends don’t like how you seem to be keeping them down.


12. You’re Chris Jericho


You’re all about slow builds, romance and setting up the mood. But as soon as she’s ready for things to get hot and heavy, you leave. With a big smile on your face.


So, do you think this system does men any justice? Or are you already thinking of #13?


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