Which Pro Wrestling Co-Worker Are You?

Remember when we did Which Pro Wrestling Boyfriend Are You? Well, it’s time to take an in-depth look at who you are in the workplace…


… with the obligatory infographic!




If you have trouble viewing the infographic, follow the text below.


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Alberto Del Rio


You have an international reputation as being technically sound at your chosen line of work. But you somehow manage to get fired for slapping the piss out of the racist douche from Social Media.


Daniel Bryan


People outside the company think you’re amazing. But your bosses see you as nothing more than a B+ player.


CM Punk


You go to work wearing a blazer over your t-shirt. You prefer to do all your contract negotiations in the open office space.


John Cena


You’re a company guy, working 400 days a year and doing a lot of charity work. Your bosses think you’re The Second Coming. Sometimes, colleagues try to rattle you verbally, but you keep smiling through their tirade.


Sin Cara


Your work is fhsoeuhfosjdfsl cjsuelcjslec ls fshhuulh j xjhfsoeu


Dean Ambrose


Even though the higher-ups believe you have potential, you spend your whole day preventing your office rival from getting any work done.


Adam Rose


You seemed like a fun guy on your first day. But, after a few weeks, you started showing up less and less.


Paul Heyman


You’re a great advocate for the company and its clients. You never stop reminding everyone of your name and your clients’ accomplishments.


The Rock


You do all your work via Skype.


So… who did you get?


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