Survivor Series 2014 Drinking Game

Ok, you know the rules.


PG version: play with water or iced tea. Or just play the DOA version.


Here we go!


Take a shot when:


1 – Sting shows up.


2 – The wrestler Sting shows up.


3 – You have trouble remembering who the World Champion is.


4 – John Cena doesn’t help one of his teammates.


5 – A Survivor Series team has a new member.


6 – The commentators ask “Who will survive?”


7 – You look at Ambrose and your inner trailer voice says “Dean. Fu*****. Ambrose.”


8 – WWE reminds you November is free on the WWE Network.


9 – You remind WWE you’re in the UK.


And a few extra ones from my buddies on Twitter:


Well… I’d say good luck… but it’s not like you’re gonna remember I said it when you wake up tomorrow.


Fingers crossed for this PPV, that’s all I’m saying.



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