NXT: Revolution in 11 Bona Fide Wrestling Memes

Yesterday, we were treated to one of those special NXT events, that brings new life to the wrestling fan hellbent of following the WWE product.


It was top-to-bottom entertaining.


So let’s take a look at it… with memes!


1 – How Good Was It?




2 – Starting Off With A Bang


Instead of leaving us to wonder when and how Kevin Owens would debut, bam. He’s first up. He’s here, and in a big way.




With his unique skillset, I did mention on the podcast it would be very interesting to see how WWE chose to book him. They knocked it out of the park with that ending.


But I’m getting ahead of myself…


3 – Interesting Fact About Corbin vs. Dempsey




Two unstoppable guys. Never crossed paths. Clearly on a collision course.


Simple. Simple. Simple.


4 – My Baron Corbin Fantasy


Well, it would go like this:




Tears of joy would be wept.


5 – The Other “Debut”


The man is already a monster of a worker with no face paint. This only adds fuel to what I predict will be WWE’s brightest fire: Finn Balor.




6 – A Championship-Level Title Feud


Neville and Zayn put on what should be considered a blueprint feud. Their story always had meaning, their rivalry kept escalating and lead to stellar matches all around.


The slap by Zayn on the go-home episode of NXT clearlt put an exclamation point on things and proved WWE can put out actual quality storylines.


6---Zayn-&-Neville-compressor (1)


Now, if we can just get this kind of coherent thinking on the main brands…?


7 – You Deserve It


Sami Zayn, the former El Generico, is one of WWE’s biggest collectors of amazing matches in 2013 and 2014.




He has delivered from one end to the other, from promos to matches, and capped it off with…


8 – Well, This




I can think of a few other Grade-A matches along the way, but this one was up there.


So, big BIG congratulations to both men!


9 – Conclusion Number One




10 – Conclusion Number Two




11 – Oh, And… Good Luck TLC


No Pressure.




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So… Did you enjoy NXT Takeover: R Evolution?


Oh, and here’s an extra meme. You can thank Alistahr Wells for calling the fact that I missed making a meme about this doozy:




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