Wrestlemania 34… in 19 Memes!


This Wrestlemania had the best and the worst WWE has to offer. Sometimes in the same segment.

Nonetheless, a lot of noteworthy – dare I even say, memeable – moments. So let’s get right on down to it!

1 – What’s The Word…

… to best describe this choice… Ah yes!

2 – I Wonder…

… what the ref say to Cena?? (gotta love the suspense the announce teamtried to put on the moments)

3 – Good Booking

An extra minute and he would’ve been exposed.

4 – Rusev pinned by… JINDER???

You gotta believe this happened for a reason.

5 – Face Off!

It was dee-LIGHTFULL!

6 – And, In The End…

We got to see a nice twist:

7 – This Was Huge…

… For Harper and Rowan.

8 – Game Of Groans

The rigorous fanboy in me calls bovine excrement on this one.

9 – Nonetheless

Credit where it’s due. A nice accolade to have. I did expect Balor to win it here and have Seth chase him though.

10 – The Streak Is…


11 – Creative Choices

Here’s a bad one.

12 – Electric Guitar?

Rock star?

13 – I’m Sorry…

… but we need to address this whole Braun picks Nicholas thing:

14 – LOL Coach

Just LOL.

15 – How Good Was This?

As a huge Bryan fan, this was pretty emotional. And you could tell it was especially emotional for him, the very moment he came out. That said, I’m not crying. You’re crying!

16 – Welcome Back To Wrestlemania. Day 4.

No wrestling fan, no matter how insane and supportive, can keep interacting and screaming and applauding for hours on end.

17 – I Wish…

… there was an ECW fan section just for these moments. We’ve been treated to an identical match over and over again.

18 – Record Breaker!

Did you hear that roar when Brock won?

19 – And Finally…

Very good showing for Ronda. She may have had a match tailor-made for her, but she also had a lot of pressure on her to perform. A clear win here on every level. I almost feel like saying:

That’s it for me. What did you think of Mania?

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