5 Memes Of The Greatest Wrestling Pic In History Ever

Yesterday, at the nerd-famous San Diego Comic Con, pro wrestling fans were on hand for the deluxe triple threat panel who would field their questions.


Contrary to the hipster catchphrase, you may have heard of them:
– The evil genius of ECW and hype master, Paul Heyman
– The cross-generational mega-star Immortal Hulk Hogan
– The leader of the YES Movement, Daniel Bryan


I don’t think any die-hard wrestling fan would be disappointed to walk into such a room. But, as things go, WWE decided to go one big step above our¬†expectations.


They brought out Sting:



Which immediately drew me to this conclusion:


#1 So Much History


And, as the rush of the mark out faded, the heelbook in me kicked in:


#2 So That’s Why They’re All Together!




#3 The Indy Response: The TNA Guy in NJPW with the IWGP Title


That sounded like a hipster eye chart.




#4 Interrupted By…




#5 Cena Smells Overness


Zack Ryder can tell you what happens when that happens. Here’s a hint: “Da Da-Da Daaaa”




Did you enjoy Sting’s surprise appearance? Or are you already thinking of meme #6?


Tell me below.


And THANK YOU very much for sticking around – I know these initial site glitches can test your heel patience.


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