Bryan vs. Burglar in 9 Memes

(This is an updated version of the original Saturday release, now featuring 5 extra memes)

Former WWE World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan might be out of action, but he can still kick some ass.


This fact was confirmed by several backstage sources and, most importantly, the burglar who tried to ransack Bryan’s place. Good idea there, Burglar.


Burglar (not his real name) was caught, with his friend Burglar #2 (aka Ladrón Dos) exiting Bryan’s recently-purchased Arizona home. While #2 escaped, Burglar was caught by Bryan and apprehended by local police.


But one has to wonder… what was REALLY going on? I can’t help but think that this story has at least one shocking development still to come. Namely, the real identity of the perpetrator.


These would be my 9 scenarios:


Scenario #1 – Once In A Lifetime


The Burglar was actually a WWE Legend from yesteryear, recently re-signed in secrecy by WWE for a major – and I mean MAJOR – program with The Bearded One.


Can you imagine the buyrates on this thing?




Licence to print money, I tell ya.


Scenario #2 – Da Da-Da Daaa


It was only a matter of time before this man could no longer wait until everyone was in the ring to steal their thunder:




Scenario #3 – Brie’s New Love Interest


Remember the great fan overselling Brie’s promo on Raw?


For me, this “burglary” was all about The Brie Bella Guy breaking in to steal Brie from the American Dragon’s grasp. In fact, I’m sure of it.




Scenario #4 – Case Solved


Unless, of course… this was what actually happened:




Scenario #5 – HBK Runs Out Of Game


After 23 hunting shows airing simultaneously on 15 different network, Shawn Michaels has finally dried up the well. And breaking into Bryan’s home only seems logical:




Scenario #6 – A Mystical Burglar


In all fairness, this is a pretty common mistake:




Scenario #7 – Bury The Evidence


Just like his friend Shawn Michaels, Triple H could simply have been snooping around Bryan’s house for something he needed:




Scenario #8 – Blast From The Past


If you know Daniel Bryan didn’t come up with his Running Knee, you know why this is a likely possibility:




Hey Bryan, How You Doin’?


If this is what actually transpired, I only wished Bryan had chosen his words a bit more carefully.




Do you have a #10 scenario? Horatio needs all the clues he can get.


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