5 Mistakes I Caught On Raw: July 28th, 2014

This week’s Raw is in the books and, as a wrestling fan with an internet connection, I hereby do my job of listing the 5 big mistakes I uncovered while watching WWE’s flagship show:


1. But Plans May Swing


This week, I read this in several outlets:




And this week on Raw, I was flabbergasted, left in awe, IN AWE, when I saw this:




I’ll take it as the exception when it comes to wrestling rumours.


2. Brie vs. Steph Not Saved For Mania 31


Would you book Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels for Summerslam? Would you fast-track Austin vs. Rock so it could happen at Survivor Series? No. No, you wouldn’t. You know better than that.


Why WWE chose to book its biggest prospective blockbuster for Wrestlemania 31 at Summerslam is beyond me.


Unless… Wrestlemania will get a rubber match between the two. In an End Of An Era/Hell In A Cell match. Yes… OK, I feel better about this. We can move on.


3. No Ambrose


When you book a wrestler to be the constant thorn in another’s side, like you have Ambrose to Rollins’s cashing-in attempts, it feels awkward that Ambrose wasn’t there.


IM-heel-O, Ambrose is one of the few really distinctive characters on the show, so it’s a big plus for me as a wrestling fan.


Hopefully, something just came up and he didn’t just…




[UPDATED] Oh, and this:






As the Brie vs. Stephanie promotional brawl ensued, those readily-available WWE “officials” scrambled to the squared circle, and we were treated to the always exciting scene of former pro wrestlers trying desperately to keep two 120-pound women from hitting each other.


But, as Raw neared its end, it became clear that there was another way to put this segment over the top. And the Houston crowd knew it.


However, Houston – and I love you no matter what – in the interest of constructive criticism, if you really wanted to do it right:




5. Reigns Should Have Closed The Show


Or… if you don’t want to bring back Jamie Noble (I can understand Cena not wanting to give up the spotlight), you can go with the idea in this comment on LordsOfPain:




How this comment only has +102 is beyond me. MommaBenjamin knows what’s up!


Did you spot any more mistakes? Let me know in the comments.


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