8 Fitting Endings to a WWE Clue Game

On Monday, my new heel friend Kyle Ouderkirk (@somechubbyguy on Twitter) showed me his work on a WWE version of the Clue board game, which I thought was very cool:




This immediately had me thinking… what would be the endings with the most psychology…?


So… let’s imagine we find a dead body and we suspect foul play. We need to figure out Who Did It, Where and Using What Weapon.


Well, after a thorough investigation, I suggest… It was:


1. Triple H, backstage, with the shovel.


2. Stephanie, in the pool, with her flotation devices.


3. Daniel Bryan, at ringside, with the tie.


4. Paul Heyman, at Wrestlemania, with his client Baraaack… Lesnar.


5. Steve Austin, in the hospital, with the bedpan.


6. Brian Pillman, in his living room, with a gun.


7. Cena, in the ring, with his push.


8. Michael Cole, at the announcer’s table, with his voice.


Do you have a #9 you’d like to share? Get back to me in the comments below. I already have a lot of ideas from my friends in The Heel List, so there’s probably gonna be a Part Two to this thing.


Credit: Several heels on Twitter contributed to this list, namely Will Ryan, John Maye, Luke, IanH23 and Özkan Aksel. Good stuff!


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