Top 5: Why Sting Only Appeared on WWE2K15

On Raw, we were treated to a very well-done video for Sting‘s WWE2K15 appearance.


But, one has to wonder, why didn’t he make a bigger, more substantial splash in his first foray into WWE television?


Well,, funny you should ask, because I dug deep until I found the reasons behind Sting only showing up as part of the WWE2K15’s promotion:


1. On a Playstation, it’s easier to have Sting show up in shape.


2. Vince said he has to go through NXT.


3. Triple H thought it would be funny if the only way fans saw Sting was in THE GAME.


4. WWE is still trying to copyright “Borden Stevens”.


5. The video game is the only way Vince gets to see Sting lose to Cena.


And, finally, my friends on The Heel List came up with some good ones as well, so I have to share at least two of them:


6. Due to the budget cuts, all of the body paint budget is going to Prince Devitt (from Dustin Sclafani)


7. WWE is holding off on Sting’s debut until they sign Robocop. (from Mike Bone and Jimmy Coupland)


Are you thinking of a #8? Share it with me below in the comments.


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