The RAW with Axel vs. The Shield in Memes

The Shield is officially back in the mix. Jason Jordan is getting a bigger rocket strapped to this back every week. And Curtis Axel is tough as nails. Gel nails.

1) Is it just me…

… or are Political Campaigns not what they used to be?

2) Not to mention the SHAME-less plug…

I zoomed it in for you:

3) Good to see some familiar threads

I just feel bad that I don’t have a storage provider ad to put on here.

4) We all have that one friend

Be right back, just going to send him this particular meme. It’s 1PM here in Portugal and I haven’t ruined anyone’s day yet.

5) WWE. The bastion of common sense.

Did no one bat an eye over this one?

6) The Finn-Bray debacle continues

If you’re a fan of this feud, great. I can only see unrealized potential. But video transitions don’t make you scary, as I demonstrated below:

7) If you understand this one…

… you’re too old.

8) Cool Cocky Bad

I wonder if this was his reaction:

9) Seamless Double Team

I feel nostalgic. Emotional even. Possibly even a bit Murph.

10) Jason Jordan and his Amazing Rocket on his Back

Sounded better in my head. But I did make a chart to illustrate this amazing push:

11) Worse than Flashpoint

Can someone run into the Speed Force and fix this, please? Thanks to Maffew for pointing this one out.

12) Finally…

… I thought it was a very nice thing to see the fans doing this:

Thanks for reading.


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