WWE TLC 2017 Told In Broken Freaking Memes!

Let’s dive right in!

1 – I Have To Start By Admitting…

… I’m Confused.

2 – Poor Alicia

I frequently feel like Alicia deserves a chance at a decent program. Then, she seems to gain some relevance. Then, someone “kills” her. I can almost see this happening yesterday during her Kick Off match:

3 – Was It Just Me…

… or was Angle just in the moment?

4 – The Buck Stopped Here

*gasps in copyrighted*

5 – You Know You’ve Done Something Right When…

The two performers get:

6 – Steven Spielberg. Denis Villeneuve. Kevin Dunn.

I don’t know where Kevin Dunn got his penchant for quick-out-of-focus camera cuts, but God are they annoying.

7 – Who Booked This?

Jason Jordan throwing vegetables is awful enough. If you wanted him to interrupt Elias, a suplex would’ve been perfectly acceptable, not to mention aligned with Jordan’s character.

But, alas, we were treated to not one, but two segments with Jordan throwing produce. I wish they’d save this for Mania.


8 – Pretty Sure This Happened Somewhere…

9 – Mark Out Moment Of The Night

I’m a booker. I’m often tired of wrestling. And I popped like crazy here.

10 – Someone Get Me Some Air

Damn, this lived up to the hype.

11 – And Finally, I Just Want To Say

It was awesome seeing Angle back.

Thanks for reading.

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