6 Reasons Batista Put Over Daniel Bryan & The Shield

Admit it. You’ve thought about it. The guy who won the Royal Rumble is, all of a sudden, doing some pretty serious putting over.
But why?
Well, there are 6 reasons for what Batista is doing:

1. He’s leaving for a new promotion: Movie Promotion.


2. Too depressed to keep going after a 65-year-old told him he likes The Shield better than Evolution.


3. He did not feel like joining The Shield and changing his entrance theme to “CHARLIE, ALPHA, ROMEO, DELTA, INDIA, OSCAR”.


4. He is going to turn on Evolution to join his new stable: The Guardians of the Galaxy.


5. Triple H made him lose, when HE IS SUPPOSED TO BE HIS FRIEND!!


6. He put them over because that’s what he was taught to do while training in the dungeon and in his many years in NJPW, Ring Of Honor and honing his skills in Europe and Mexico.


Did you think of #7? Tell me about it below.


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