WWE TLC in 11 Monitor-Blowing Memes

And who knew: TLC didn’t measure up to NXT R-Evolution. You’re shocked, I know. As am I.


Also a little hungover because I thought it was a good idea to play my own TLC Drinking Game.


Anyway, I need to confess something:



Regardless, there were good moments and there were funny moments. So let’s dive in:


1 – It Was All Downhill From The Opener


Ziggler vs. Harper was the highlight of the night. But Ryback vs. Kane was a close second. I’ll leave to you to figure out if that last part was sarcasm.




2 – Dolph Has “It”


One thing is for sure about Dolph’s career:




To be fair, he has the distinct advantage of not being Swiss.


Thank you, Sascha Funk, for the idea.


If you’re already feeling NXT-nostalgic, here’s NXT R-Evolution in 11 Bona Fide Wrestling Memes.


3 – Roman Reigns, The Real Timesplitter


During his post-interference interview, you may have noticed Roman Reigns decl — declare this:




The wrestling world is clearly ready to enter the Reigns Era.


4 – Props To This Guy


This sign was the best. That is all.



If you can’t make it out, it’s the inevitable “This sign makes Roman Reigns look strong!”.


Well done, sir.


5 – Work On Your Self-Esteem


And don’t take that just from me. Take it from Dean. Fu******. Ambrose:




6 – Vince “Listening To Audience”


Man, the crowd was assassinated here, especially during Kane vs. Ryback. But I’m sure Vince thought both were stellar efforts.


But next time, the matches have to be on Smackdown.




7 – Instant Replay, Instant Retard


Ok. Let’s review. Cena wins his Tables Match via AA through a table. But the ref is down. They then both go through a table.


The refs argue about who hit the table first. They resort to the replay.


Here’s the thing, grasshoppers. If you establish that instant replay is possible, it’s also possible to show that Cena had already won the match. Unless everyone in the production truck also collapses every time there’s a ref bump.


In that case, I apologize and wish you nothing but the best of luck.




8 – Overbooking… Again


WWE sure love their overbooked finishes. I’ve written about the pros and cons of this kind of finishes at length, and this mostly sucks because of the potential of both Ambrose and Wyatt.


But hey, maybe WWE has a point, because:




9 – Good Question


Man has a point:



10 – But I Know What Really Happened:




11 – In Conclusion, Your Honor


It was, unfortunately, no R-Evolution:




Finally, let me remind that you’re not bound by other people’s wrestling shirts and designs.


Which begs the question:




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