RAW in 12 Jew-Jitsu Memes

You’ve seen NXT R-Evolution in 11 Bona Fide Wrestling Memes.


You’ve seen TLC in 11 Monitor-Blowing Memes.


Now, it’s time for RAW. Let’s do this!


1 – Heyman & Jericho Open; Put Wrestling Fans in Heaven Until…


Until… well, this happened:




2 – At Which Point, “Downhill” Became The Operative Word


I love it how WWE gives me so many choices. You know what? Tomorrow night, I’ll let the missus choose what we’ll do for the evening.


Option A – Stay home

Option B – Not go anywhere

Option C – Remain in our abode
Bottom line:




3 – Heyman Suggests It Jockingly; Everyone Agrees


Normally, Heyman’s creative is greatly appreciated. And even more so now. Given the last few months of “creative”, all Heyman needs to do is jokingly put forward a scenario where he takes over.






4 – Can’t Quite Put My Finger On It






5 – Michael Cole, Botchamania’s Favorite Demon


I swear… sometimes it seems like this man’s learning curve is a flat line.




6 – Tenacious Pete


Gotta give it to baseball great Pete Rose. He keeps trying. Maybe Kane will eventually slip…




7 – Needs More Mizdow


This man is gold. Period.




8 – The Gracies? How About The Heymans?


Because this advocate has a black belt. He is:



9 – Rusev’s Cosmonauts


Say what you will, they look happy together.




10 – Heyman Misleads Brock


The man feels shortchanged, I can tell.




11 – But He Took Out His Frustrations, And That’s What’s Important


Will you ever get tired of seeing this?




12 – Picking Up Cena Like Nobody’s Business


I loved the moment when Brock is picking Cena up for the third german suplex and, for about 3-4 seconds, Brock carries Cena around just because he can.


It’s like my therapy.




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Now, for the promised easter eggs.


Extra #1 – Twitter Heel Rant


Extras #2 and #3 – For Your Internet Reply Kit


Feel free to use these two extra ones to school someone:




You might also need this:



Extra #4 – And Here Is Your Moment Of Zen


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