The Fast Lane Drinking Game

It’s that unique pay-per-view that comes after the 30-man thing that’s won by a Vince guy.


So, get those drinks ready. It’s time for the Fast Lane Drinking Game!


Take a shot when:


1 – Roman Reigns is backstage cutting a promo.


2 – You think back to last year’s Wrestlemania and have no clue how they’re gonna match it this year.


3 – Doc Amann does a cameo.


4 – Seth Rollins appears and you feel the urge to go to Snapchat.


5 – Cesaro and Kidd kill an Uso with a double-team move.


6 – A title match doesn’t end clean.


7 – The Dust Brothers tear the house down in a great match.


8 – Someone points to the Mania sign.


9 – You picture Vince McMahon backstage masturbating at the thought of Roman Reigns winning the World Title at Wrestlemania.


10 – You wonder when they’re lowering the Elimination Chamber.


EXTRA: And force-feed yourself a shot every time Cena or Reigns appear just so it’s both figurative and literal.


Stay Cool. Stay Heel. Stay Off The Road!




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