Wrestlemania 31 – Drinking Game

Now, I must caution you: this one is rough.


If you’re into the whole flirting-with-death thing, play all the numbers.


If you want to play against a friend, my suggestion is doing it Odds vs. Evens.


If you’re into the whole keeping-my-liver-healthy thing, pull a Punk and grab a diet soda.


Now, onto the Wrestlemania 31 Drinking Game!


Take a shot:


1) Every time Roman Reigns looks really (really) strong


2) When you can’t remember if this is Wrestlemania 31, Wrestlemania Play Button, Wrestlemania YouTube,…


3) When Bray Wyatt laughs like a psycho


4) If someone says “This is Wrestlemania!!”


5) To distract yourself from a musical performance


6) If Sting wrestles in a t-shirt


7) When there’s a sick bump in the ladder match


8) When you see a botch and think “well, that’s gonna be on Botchamania”


9) If they mention the indoor attendance


10) When WWE goes to footage from Axxess or the Hall of Fame


11) If the crowd chants for someone who’s not in the segment


12) (wait for it) When Brock does a german suplex.


13) When Michael Cole ruins it for you by saying words


14) When a heel is cheered like crazy




And drink everything if someone cashes in a certain briefcase.



Have fun watching Mania, let me know how many people who throw drunken slurs at after you start playing.


Also, thank you to Mark Golden for his suggestions.


See you on the other side.


Extra: Take a shot if Reigns does a powerful move, and Brock does this:




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