Play The WWE Survivor Series 2017 Drinking Game

God help you. You’re about to enter the Heelbook WWE Survivor Series 2017 Drinking Game.

Vince & Co. have a tough act to follow, as TakeOver: WarGames surely delivered, from the undercard, all the way to the main event.

No pressure, McMahon. Oh, and no pressure, reader’s liver.

That said, this feel like a big event, given the significance of the most important matches. I wonder if you’ll get to the end of it, because your job is to…

Take a shot when:

1) Kurt Angle and Triple H have a disagreement.

2) Brock throws AJ around like a rag doll.

3) One of the announcers mentions there’s “a lot of history” between two competitors

4) Triple H and Bobby Roode occupy the same ring at the same time.

5) Are we still alive? Does the Universe still exist after #4? Huh. Interesting. Take a shot in celebration.

6) Someone who isn’t in a match interferes.

7) You feel nervous because Shane McMahon is climbing something.

8) Roman Reigns enters as the latest honorary member of The Shield.

9) Baron Corbin comes down the ramp to wrestle a heel. Seriously, drink. Now.

10) Asuka gets a big pop for the first time she’s tagged in.

11) Shawn Michaels says “you know”.

Special shots:

12) Down your drink when Michael Cole says “THE BIG DOG!” (thank you, @BadNewsBeardo)

13) Take a shot for every match member when the tag matches (Shield vs. New Day; Bar vs. Usos) steal the show.

14) Take a shot every time Shawn is making eye contact with both Renee and Peter at the same time

15) Down your drink when you remember The Shield debuted at Survivor Series 5 years ago, by attacking Ryback.

When you’re ready to collapse:

16) Take a shot for every elimination. (thank you, @LeGeneralGamer)

Goodbye for now. See you at the Emergency Room!

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